Posted by: Emily | 3 October 2014

Kol Nidrei — All vows

All vows I have made thoughtlessly,
all promises I have made carelessly,
all times I swore to God, up and down, on a stack of bibles,
all expectations I have set, knowing I would probably not be able to fulfill them,
all times I said “No problem” when I should have laid down a boundary,
all times I tried too hard to please others when I should have taken care of myself,
all times I swore without meaning it,
all oaths I took, using foul language when it was not warranted,
all times I poured out my wrath on undeserving people,
all times I exploded with rage and let innocent bystanders get hurt by the splash damage,
all times I spoke recklessly and without heed for the consequences of my words—
—may I be forgiven to You,
but even more, may I also be able to forgive myself.

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