Posted by: Emily | 19 July 2013

Welcome new readers!

Hello folks who’ve come here via Keshet and the Forward! It’s good to virtually meet you!

I haven’t written and posted much new here because I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff in my personal and professional life that have left me with very little time and energy for stuff here. But! I have a vacation coming up and several new essays lined up for posting, so we’ll be posting more stuff here soon!

In the meantime, my professional website is finally up at! And it only took me slightly less a year to get that done! You can find some of the classes I teach there, plus information about my upcoming book and how to support my surgery fundraiser, if you’ve got a few spare bucks you would be willing to send my way. I promise it’s for a good cause.

In the meantime, have a look around! Drop me a comment or an email or a tweet! Introduce yourselves! What’s your favorite game? What’s your favorite episode of Star Trek? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? What’s your favorite tractate of Talmud?


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